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W?rtsil? Smart Water & Waste System
Enabling Sustainable Societies
with Smart Technology

Wärtsilä Smart Water & Waste System

The smart approach that delivers greater efficiency and lower costs

Wärtsilä’s Smart Water & Waste treatment system utilises connectivity and data-driven process optimisation to deliver trouble-free operation, compliance with international and local regulations, notable cost savings, and environmental sustainability.

To the industry’s broadest portfolio of water & waste solutions, Wärtsilä has now added its in-house competences in digitalisation to create smart solutions that meet the challenging demands of shipping’s emerging new era. Combining advanced treatment technology with real-time data collection and modelling, our systems ensure both better performance and energy efficiency. At the same time, by constant remote monitoring of the systems, maintenance needs can be accurately predicted to avoid unexpected and unplanned downtime.


Going beyond the conventional

Too often, conventional water and waste systems fail to operate in full accordance with environmental regulations, while human errors in manually operating the systems can lead to costly mistakes that harm efficiency and create unnecessary pollution. Many of these systems come from a variety of suppliers, resulting in equipment that do not communicate seamlessly with each other.

By comparison, our smart approach offers the following benefits:
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Automatic control with remote monitoring
  • Full compliance with regulations
  • Effective predictive operations
  • Greater safety
  • Data-driven design and process optimisation
  • Maintenance based on known and accurate data
  • Space saving design
  • Minimal impact on the marine environment
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Advantages that benefit all

Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine Ecosystem vision foresees an industry wherein greater efficiencies, better safety, and enhanced environmental performance will allow owners and operators to grow their businesses profitably and sustainably. Our latest developments in water and waste treatment technology is an essential element within this vision.

Our smart approach offers designers the chance to select the most appropriate technology for the project, the correct capacity calculation, and a complete scope of supply. This ensures that design time will be reduced. Digital twin technology helps to optimize the design and minimize weight and size of the system.

For the shipyard, interfacing problems are eliminated, commissioning is simplified, and support throughout the design and installation phases is guaranteed. Furthermore, having complete systems from a single supplier with a single point of contact avoids project and procurement risks.

For the ship owner, the systems’ smart control system delivers time and cost savings, while their increased efficiency reduces energy consumption and lowers operational costs. Remote control and monitoring ensure that human error is no longer a factor and maintenance planning is optimised. Wärtsilä also offers long-term service contracts to ensure peace of mind.

At Wärtsilä, we are dedicated to enhancing the lifecycle performance of our customers’ products and systems with fully integrated smart systems. Our smart water and waste systems are fully in line with this commitment.

Wärtsilä Smart Water & Waste System

Wärtsilä Smart Water & Waste System combines the broadest portfolio of environmental technologies and process expertise with real-time data collection and modelling. This enables costs savings and trouble free autonomous operation of the system. All water&waste subsystems will have a common control system. This common control system is connected to the ship Integrated Automation System (IAS). It is needed to get location data (GPS), sea water temperature, air temperature including forecast and information of port reception facilities. In the case when ships should give reports related to waste handling to port authorities, these reports can be printed automatically.   The Smart Water&Waste System can be connected to the customer’s office and Wärtsilä’s support office through the cloud service for remote monitoring and control. Remote control and monitoring are optional features available upon the customer’s request. 

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What next?

The Smart Water & Waste System is an integral part of Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine vision, and as with any smart developments in this era, we need your support and collaboration.

We have the process and digital expertise. We need your experience and feedback.

We have started this development, we have collected the data and we are producing mathematical models, but to develop the best possible final product for each customized system, we want to work with ship owners and ship managers in the field.

Please contact to express your interest.

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