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Lifecycle solutions – partnering for care-free marine lifecycle operations

Improve your business performance and competitiveness

The marine industry has entered a new era of connectivity and innovation. At the same time, there is ever greater pressure to stay competitive, adopt new technologies and keeping up with the new legislation and regulations. This means that no single technology, software, service or skill can ensure optimal lifecycle performance of marine assets. Therefore, choosing a reliable partner with best-in-class expertise is essential in securing your business performance and competitiveness.

Our lifecycle solutions for marine industry

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With Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions, we maintain and optimise your power plant performance. This support encompasses our technology, software and service expertise as well as our holistic view and understanding of installations on a system level through a long-term service agreement.


  • Improved asset availability
  • Optimised operations and maintenance
  • Sustainable and predictable operations




Ensure the performance of your fleet

With smart solutions and new collaboration models we guarantee the performance and availability of your assets.



Improve your operational efficiency

With real-time monitoring and advisory services we ensure your assets operate at optimal efficiency.



Ensure reliability and costs predictability

With preventive and predictive maintenance we enable maintenance tailored to your operational needs


Wärtsilä Guaranteed asset perfomance

A ship owner's day is full of questions which are addressed by Wärtsilä experts resulting the guaranteed performance of your fleet.

Driving profitable business in the marine industry

Expert analysis is often the key missing ingredient to ensure that digitalisation initiatives in the marine industry pay off. Continuously gathering and processing data from a vessel's equipment is not enough in itself to generate improvements. Creating value requires analytics and technical product experts who can make sense of the data and give actionable advice. 
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Wärtsilä Expertise centres

Wärtsilä Expertise centres around the world support customers who have a Wärtsilä lifecycle solution with advice and recommendations based on analysis of condition and performance monitoring data. They are the contact point through which vessel owners and operators receive support in the day-to-day operation of their power plants as well as in unforeseen situations. They also identify improvement possibilities and communicate these to the customers. Expertise centres enable a holistic view of vessel operations and through performance guarantees create value for customers.

Wärtsilä Expert insight - part of the Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions

Optimising ship lifecycle efficiency


Gaslog reference slide picture
Lifecycle Agreements for Gaslog
GasLog’s 15 LNG-vessels under asset and lifecycle management agreements benefit from W?rtsil?’s global network
Viking Line
Optimised Maintenance agreement for the complete fuel gas handling system onboard Viking Grace
Cassiopeia-V reference slide picture
Cassiopeia V
Optimised maintenance increases large dredger availability
Containerships VII reference slide picture
Containerships VII
Maintenance agreement

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