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Robert Cort C-B5 Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves (Pipeline)

Manufacturer of pipeline ball valves for a wide range of applications. With a global reputation for high quality, reliability and safety, the Cort C-B5 trunnion mounted pipeline ball valve is available in sizes from 150mm – 1200mm (6” to 48”) and pressure ratings from class 150 to 2500.

The Cort C-B5 Ball Valve uses a three piece, bolted body design manufactured from ring rolled forgings. The cast or forged ball features integral, external trunnions which turn in bearings mounted in bearing retainer blocks. These bearing retainers are precision located between the valve closures which are then able to resist the pressure loading on the ball.

Size Range

DN150 – DN1400  /  6” – 56” Bore

Pressure Rating

 ANSI 150 up to 2500


Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Ferralium®


Flowlines, manifolds, pipeline transmission and distribution, pressure regulation and metering runs, underground storage, waterflood and general pipeline service in onshore, offshore and subsea locations. Our C-B5 ball valves can also be used as sphere launchers or receivers when fitted with a sphere-lock ball

    Standard Features
    • Approved to API 6D
    • Trunnion Mounted (Low operating torque)
    • Bubble-tight sealing from zero to full rated pressure
    • Metal-to-metal primary seal – protected ‘O’ ring secondary seal
    • Self-cleaning ball
    • Piggable
    • 3 – piece Bolted construction allows for disassembly maintenance on site
    • Double stem seals – can be replaced with pipeline under pressure
    • Integral mechanical stops
    • Both upstream and downstream seat seals capable of sealing upstream pressure
    • Full block and bleed capability
    • Seal integrity can be checked by pressurising the body cavity only
    • Hardness controlled materials (to suit NACE MR-01-75)
    • Spring Energized Polymer Seals
    • Emergency sealant injection (seat and stem seals)
    • Stem extensions for operating underground
    • Transition pups for welded ends
    • Regular or Venturi Port

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