W?rtsil? ELAC ST 30

The Wärtsilä ELAC ST 30 is a compact sonar transponder for underwater installations such as offshore windmills and drilling rigs. The transponders are activated by a close-by submarine and help the submarine to locate and avoid the installations’ foundations.

    Key Features 
    • Electronic unit in stainless steel housing
    • Interfaces to external control and supervision system (SCADA)
    • Designed for operation in harsh environments
    • EMC-protected design
    • Mountable to each kind of windmill foundation
    • Wide frequency-range transducer
    • Detection of 8.1 kHz interrogation signals
    • Transmission of beacon signals in the range of 7 to 7.8 kHz according to BSH regulation
    Technical Data
    Technical Data
    Reception frequency range 7 - 9kHz (transponder)
    1 - 20kHz (general operation)
    Interrogation signal CW signal at NATO-Frequency
    signal length ≥ 1 s
    Max. Doppler shift ± 30Hz adequate to ± 10 kn
    Transmission signal characteristic Signal 1: f1 = 7.0kHz / f2 = 7.3kHz
    Signal 2: f1 = 7.5kHz / f2 = 7.8kHz
    Pulse packet | f1 | f2 | f1 | f2 | f1 | f2 | f1 | f2 | f1 | f2 | +
    10s pause
    Pulse length per single-pulse 1s
    Pinger 150 ms (pulse length)
    1 min (repetition time)
    Duration per pulse packet 20s (10s pulses + 10s pause)
    Number of pulse packets 15
    Transmission time by interrogation 5min (15pulse packets at 20s each)
    To external control and supervision system (SCADA) floating relay contacts
    MODBUS interface
    Transmission power
    Output power max. 200 W at 35 ?
    Power level steps -18 / -12 / ?6 / 0dB
    Power supply
    Standard version 24 V DC
    230 V AC
    Power consumption at 24 V DC max. 450 W (transmitting at 200 W pulse power, CW)
    max. 24 W (receiving)
    Power consumption at 230 V AC max. 550 W (transmitting at 200 W pulse power, CW)
    max. 150 W (receiving)
    Standard configuration
    Electronic unit UM 31
    Connection box AK 152
    Transducer array LEG 117
    Accessories Mounting bracket, transducer cables, cable gland
    Environmental Conditions
    Environmental conditions
    EMC acc. to DIN EN 60950
    Degree of protection acc. to DIN EN 40050 / IEC 60929
    System Configuration
    ELAC ST 30 - Systerm Configuration

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