Transducers & Hydrophones


Active and passive transducers

In addition to complete systems, Wärtsilä ELAC Nautik offers approximately 50 different sonar components. These include almost everything needed in terms of outboard sensor technology for submarines, such as hydrophones or transducers for active-, passive-, intercept- and flank array sonars. We also provide transducers for active sonars onboard frigates.

More than 2000 transducers and hydrophones are produced per year, and all are tested electrically and acoustically before delivery. All Wärtsilä transducers are in accordance with military or civil standards, such as for instance, IMO or Coast Guard requirements, MIL-Specs and DEF-STAN.

Redesign and replicate

Wärtsilä ELAC Nautik has enormous know-how and vast experience in the production of transducers. In addition to our own transducer range, transducers of all kinds can be reproduced. This enables hydroacoustic systems for which spare parts are no longer available, to be kept operational.

State-of-the art materials and components ensure the highest performance and reliability in all our products.

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