Wärtsilä ELAC LOPAS is a passive Sonar system for refit onboard of a submarine during modernisation or for newly designed small submarines. The key benefit is its unbeaten cost effectiveness caused by focusing on essential features for an effective submarine operation. Wärtsilä ELAC LOPAS operates with all current bow arrays or Wärtsilä's own supply.

    Key Features
    • Ultra-compact passive sonar system
    • Ideal form factor for midget-size submarines
    • 1:1 Replacement for legacy sonar systems
    • For refits and new designs
    • Broadband & narrowband detection
    • Automatic target tracking
    • Narrowband and DEMON analysis
    • Audio recording
    • Meets all relevant military standards
    • Extensive re-use of existing onboard components
    • Interfaces with existing systems
    • Onboard simulator
    Technical Data
    Technical Data
    Operating frequency 0.3 - 12 kHz
    Number of preformed beams 96 (192 half beams)
    Automatic target tracking 8 ATT channels
    Integration time 0.3 - 19 s
    History presentation 10 / 30 / 60 min
    Bearing accuracy ≤ 0.5° (ideal conditions assumed)
    Frequency of audio channel 0.3 - 12 kHz
    Frequency of UT channel 1 - 12 kHz
    Spectral analysis 96 beams simultaneously
    DEMON analysis yes
    Data recording Audio (digital)
    Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz single-phase, 115 VAC 60 Hz / 660 VA

    Onboard Sonar Simulator
    Sonar Simulator
    Scenario generator Track definition by instructor (targets and own boat)
    Selection of predefined scenarios
    Passive target simulation Broadband noise
    Doppler effects
    Noise effects Gaussian ambient noise
    Ocean model Follows a homogeneous ocean model (uniform propagation medium)
    Targets are point sources of acoustic energy
    Doppler Effects and spherical spreading are continuously recalculated
    Simulation of sonar system Broadband simulation
    Narrowband simulation
    DEMON simulation
    Audio simulation

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