Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment – the solution to meet today’s compliance

Wärtsilä has long been at the forefront of sustainable technology development. Just as cleaning wastewater or reducing air emissions are important contributors to a cleaner environment, engine efficiency is also central to sustainability. With years of experience in exhaust gas cleaning for marine applications, Wärtsilä has developed efficient, safe, and certified products for eliminating air emissions.

Our extensive reference list is evidence of our know-how and expertise in this field. With different size options, a minimized footprint, retrofit packages, and environmentally sound options, we are certain that we can find the right solution for any vessel. Our dedicated EGC team will assist you every step of the way; from initial planning to post-installation service agreements.

SOx Reduction

SOx Reduction beyond 2020

Trust Wärtsilä Exhaust Gas Cleaning in providing a safe and compliant solution for the lifetime of your vessel
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NOx Reduction

NOx Reduction beyond 2021

Trust Wärtsilä Catalyst Systems to future proof your vessel through providing tier III compliance today 

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wartsila retrofit

Exhaust Treatment Retrofit Services

Trust Wärtsilä’s retrofitting specialists to develop tailored solutions to fit your vessel’s individual needs
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Wärtsilä Lifecycle Solutions

Trust Wärtsilä Lifecycle Solutions in optimising efficiency and performance of your Exhaust Treatment assets – a Smart Marine Ecosystem is available

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Wärtsilä Expert Insight - Part of the Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions




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