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Improving power plant
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Improved profitability and reduced emissions

With up-to-date equipment, well-planned maintenance and skilled operation, a power plant’s energy efficiency can be kept on a high level throughout its lifecycle. Customized lifecycle upgrades can considerably increase energy efficiency, improving the installation’s performance. A boost in energy efficiency also decreases emissions.


Business white paper: Improving energy efficiency with Power Plant Upgrades 

As power plants and their equipment age, their efficiency often declines, leading to reduced output and increased fuel consumption. Investing in a power plant upgrade to improve energy efficiency creates significant commercial, operational and environmental benefits. Find out how an upgrade can improve your power plant’s energy efficiency.


Business white paper: Optimising lifecycle efficiency with renewables

Energy storage systems, transmission networks, data analytics, and flexible, fast-responding balancing power plants play an important role in paving the way to a 100% renewable energy future - also for the existing power plants. Read more to learn about the benefits of renewables when operating a power plant and optimising its lifecycle efficiency.

Guaranteed asset performance

Business white paper: Guaranteed asset performance

When performance targets are set together with power plant owners, Wärtsilä ensures that objectives are met by providing advanced performance analytics services combined with advisory and planned maintenance services. Read the paper to learn more about the role of performance guarantees when considering ways of improving a power plant’s energy efficiency.

#WartsilaLive: Our joint journey towards a 100 % renewable energy future

What can businesses and consumers do to accelerate the shift towards a 100% renewable energy future already today? Watch the recording from our #WartsilaLive Talk on Smart Energy with experts guests Henri Van Boxtel and Magnus Miemois to find out! #SmartEnergy

Solutions for improving energy efficiency

Guaranteed asset performance

Guaranteed asset performance is a solution where W?rtsil? guarantees reliability and availability of your power plant. You can manage the operations and outsource the maintenance and its management to W?rtsil?. The onsite support engineer, online data...

Power plant lifecycle upgrade

Extend the lifetime of your asset and maximise your power plant performance with the Power plant lifecycle upgrade from W?rtsil?. The service analyses the condition of your power plant and suggests actions to correct excessive de-rating, in order to restore...

Fuel conversion

Emissions and operating costs reduced efficiently. Our service project team offer EPC solutions for fuel conversions on power plant and marine installations including several technologies in order to best match your needs such as: HFO/DO to Spark ignited...

W?rtsil? Power plant re-powering

As power plant technology advances and local energy markets evolve, a plant’s power generation equipment can become obsolete or less competitive over time. If the existing plant is conveniently located and connected to the local grid, W?rtsil? Power plant...

Flexicycle upgrade

The solution minimises the ecological footprint and maximises the efficiency of simple cycle power plants by up to 10%, by producing additional electricity using waste energy from exhaust gas.

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W?rtsil? power plant selector
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Wärtsilä engine performance optimisation

Engine performance upgrades are often based on the latest, state-of-the-art turbocharger with improved efficiency. Higher pressure ratio capability combined with optimum engine settings such as advanced valve timing, improves engine efficiency, while the optimised combustion reduces exhaust gas emissions. Combining engine performance optimisation with a major service interval is most cost efficient.
    Performance optimisation with turbocharger upgrade for Wärtsilä 38 & 46

    An upgrade package involving a turbocharger exchange to improve engine output and increase certainty of operation.

    In most cases, at 50,000 hour intervals, turbochargers require a major overhaul and the rotating parts need to be replaced. However, instead of carrying out this extensive maintenance work, it can make more sense to utilize Wärtsilä’s upgrade package and exchange the turbocharger to take advantage of the latest generation technology.

    The benefits of the efficiency improvements are considerable. A reduction in fuel consumption of up to 4 percent can be achieved, thanks to the optimised engine tuning and higher boost.

    Read more 

    Performance optimization through tu
    Performance upgrade for Wärtsilä 34SG

    By implementing the complete power and efficiency upgrade, the Wärtsilä 34SG engine’s power output can be increased by up to 20% within the alternator limit. At the same time, the engine’s efficiency is also improved by up to 1%.

    Read more 

    Performance upgrade for Wärtsilä 34SG
    Pre-chamber upgrade for Wärtsilä 34SG

    The pre-chamber of the Wärtsilä 34SG engine is optimized by using advanced three-dimensional, computerized fluid dynamics.

    The pre-chamber is the ignition source for the main fuel charge, and is thus one of the essential components of a lean-burn spark-ignited gas engine. The advantages of the new pre-chamber include more stable combustion, which results in a more stable load and improved overall efficiency.

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    The new prechamber improves efficiency


    Performance optimisation brings savings for Enercal
    Limbe Power Plant rehabilitation project
    Power Plant rehabilitation project restores original capacity
    Delimara power plant 3 gas conversion
    Gas conversion reduces power plant emission levels
    Kohinoor Energy
    Turbocharger upgrade brings economy into plant operations

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