Tornio Manga LNG terminal
Developing Small- and mid-Scale LNG solutions – from idea to successful project


As a forerunner in gas and multi-fuel engines, fuel systems, technology and services, Wärtsilä wants to participate in the global shift to gas also with LNG infrastructure projects. Engine power plant technology offers high efficiency, flexible operations and fast starts and stops, which makes it the perfect, reliable complement to renewables. Using Liquefied Natural Gas as a fuel can reduce both costs and emissions.

As a leading EPC and lifecycle support provider, Wärtsilä has the capability to provide our customers small- and mid-scale LNG solutions integrated with engine power plants in one single project, thereby guaranteeing functionality and integration. We are there to support you in project development, engineering, construction, installation, commissioning and operations & maintenance.

What sets Wärtsilä apart from competitors is the scope and quality of our services. In addition to the actual technology, we have unique capabilities to assist our customers on the path from idea to successful business.

By choosing Wärtsilä to supply a complete solution, you have a reliable and trustworthy partner for the whole lifecycle of the investment.

Gas to Power solutions:

LNG solutions

W?rtsil?’s portfolio consists of terminals with various functions combined with a storage capacity in...

Maintenance solution for LNG to Power

Ensure the certainty of operations by transferring responsibility for maintenance of your LNG terminal...

Storage and regasification barges

W?rtsil?’s alternative to onshore satellite and bunkering terminals.

Gas power plants

Unleashing the full potential of the cleanest fossil fuel available. Over 50% single-cycle efficiency...
22 January 2015

Flexible power generation

Innovation is in our DNA. State-of-the-art engines are the beating hearts of our power plants.

LPG to power

W?rtsil? offers unique solutions for producing power with LPG
6 July 2020


Wärtsilä is a market leader in gas and multi-fuel engines, fuel systems, technology and services. Gas plays a key role in the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future. Read more about our expertise and experience with an offering that covers the entire gas value chain and follow the Wärtsilä #GasBassadors at social media.

  • Tornio Manga LNG terminal, Finland
    The Tornio Manga LNG terminal is a long-term infrastructure investment programme. The beneficiaries include shipping and road transportation companies, power and heat utilities, as well as other industrial and mining companies in northern Europe. We appreciate W?rtsil?’s participation as a valuable partner in this project with special value-adding capabilities in this field.

    Tornio Manga LNG terminal, Finland

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